B2B is changing. Buying patterns are not what they were even a half decade ago. I bridge the gap between traditional business marketing and selling and today’s business-consumer influenced environment. It’s a consumer world, even when it’s the business’s money.

Only a small handful of people have successfully brought quick-turn and on-demand electronics manufacturing (ODEM) to traditional electronics manufacturing service (EMS) organizations and I am one of them.

Under my leadership, prototype and on-demand electronics manufacturing (ODEM) grew from a small boutique niche application to one of the driving forces in today’s fast evolving EMS industry.

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Fundamentals of Marking for Engineers

Marketing, like most vocations, is wrapped in buzzwords and mythology. It’s portrayed as a highly technical, almost religion, that mere mortals can’t understand; only creative types with years of training, practice, and spreadsheets can master.

There is some truth to that, as there is with every skill, but if you really boil marketing down to its core, you’ll find planning, understanding, and communicating. Outsiders often don’t see that due to all of the mystique surrounding the job, and insiders often lose sight of it in the daily grind of budgets, reports, and metrics.

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