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Fundamentals of Marking for Engineers

Marketing, like most vocations, is wrapped in buzzwords and mythology. It’s portrayed as a highly technical, almost religion, that mere mortals can’t understand; only creative types with years of training, practice, and spreadsheets can master.

There is some truth to that, as there is with every skill, but if you really boil marketing down to its core, you’ll find planning, understanding, and communicating. Outsiders often don’t see that due to all of the mystique surrounding the job, and insiders often lose sight of it in the daily grind of budgets, reports, and metrics.

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  • My top ten predictions for the next decade

    My top ten predictions for the next decade

    Not long ago, social speculators talked about how the younger generation grew up with computers, the Internet, and cell phones; that they have fully integrated this technology into their lives. I would maintain that today, it’s even more than that. We’re past the time when people integrate technology into their […]Read More »
  • The expanding universe – Food for thought

    The expanding universe – Food for thought

    As divisive and self-important as humanity sometimes gets, the universe just keeps moving around us. Hate and fear race across the page, and yet LIGO observes gravity waves, Space-X lands rockets, and 3D printers learn to print replacement organs. We are all really very small. The most widely accepted estimates […]Read More »
  • What The Millennials Think They Understand

    What The Millennials Think They Understand

    I recently read an article on Inc. online, titled “5 Traits Older Generations Don’t Understand About Millennials (According to a Millennial)”, by Nicolas Cole. You can find it here. It’s a good read, although, it may raise your blood pressure a bit. Read it. What I have to say may […]Read More »
  • Advice From the Fringes

    Advice From the Fringes

    “For the past 33 years, I have looked in the mirror every morning and asked myself: “If today were the last day of my life, would I want to do what I am about to do today?” And whenever the answer has been no for too many days in a […]Read More »
  • Communicating Up and Sideways

    Communicating Up and Sideways

    A good leader should communicate in the language of his or her subordinates. A good leader should be the one to adjust dialect and language. This is well accepted wisdom. The problem is that “should” is a rather meaningless word. “Should” doesn’t require, nor does it instruct. “Should” implies obligation, […]Read More »
  • The Crowdfunding Pricing Paradox

    The Crowdfunding Pricing Paradox

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 6 I’ve haunted the working world for quite a while and have found that more often than not, common business workings are over complicated. I doubt that it’s intentional in most cases; some of the tasks and concepts we business folks deal with just don’t make […]Read More »
  • Stage 3 Marketing

    Stage 3 Marketing

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 5 As an engineer entering the land of entrepreneurship, you know (over simplification warning) design can be split into two philosophies: hack & patch, or engineer it. I suspect that all but lazy people would prefer the “engineer it” method over “hack & patch.” Unfortunately, we […]Read More »
  • Minimalist Market Segmentation

    Minimalist Market Segmentation

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 4 As an engineer entrepreneur, you’ve probably heard the phrase “market segmentation.” If you haven’t, you really should have, and, well… now you have. It is one of the more important components of marketing. Like many others, it can seem intentionally obscure and overly complex. If […]Read More »
  • Secret Dialects of Marketing

    Secret Dialects of Marketing

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 3 Much of marketing can be summed up with the word “communication.” It’s communicating about a product or service, about wants and needs, or the past and the future. Good marketeers take this to heart and work hard to understand their market. But, it’s more than […]Read More »
  • Millennials Need Not Apply? Boomers?

    Millennials Need Not Apply? Boomers?

    Do you know how to get past your biases and market to “the other” generation? Are they just too mysterious? Well, I don’t give a flying fig if you’re a millennial, a boomer, or anything in between or outside. It’s not about the label. It’s about doing what you’re paid […]Read More »
  • An Engineer Entrepreneur’s First Brand Lesson

    An Engineer Entrepreneur’s First Brand Lesson

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 2 If you’re an engineer starting a business, do you need to worry about the business’s brand? In a word: yes. You don’t need to make a big project out of it at the start. It can be as simple as a collection of notes. But […]Read More »
  • What is Marketing in the world of Engineers?

    What is Marketing in the world of Engineers?

    Marketing for non-marketeers, lesson 1 Good marketing requires a black-box of arcane knowledge and magic spells – or does it? No, despite what many marketing folks would like you to believe, it does not. While marketing can seem mysterious, it really comes down to a few key tactics. Even in […]Read More »
  • How To Make Your Child Interested In STEM

    How To Make Your Child Interested In STEM

    STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) careers are getting a lot of press these days. They are important for global competitiveness and the general advancement of human-kind. STEM is also one of the few job markets (especially the “engineering” component) with good salaries and a lot of opportunity. It’s natural […]Read More »
  • The Top Ten Generic Things

    The Top Ten Generic Things

    I’m in a bit of a ranting mood right now. That just happens sometimes. Usually it’s on a specific subject, but today, I seem to have mini-rants about a whole bunch of  things. Well, maybe ten things. So here they are, not necessarily in any particular order, ten generic things […]Read More »
  • The Problem With Networking, Part 3

    The Problem With Networking, Part 3

    If you haven’t yet, go back and read The problem with networking, Part 1 and The problem with networking, Part 2. The brand of “you” The brand of you is the tool you need to get remembered. A quality brand of you is the tool you need to get referrals. A quality […]Read More »