Duane Benson 200x200My career started during the personal computer revolution, spanned the Internet revolution, and now reaches out into the connected autonomous world revolution.

For the last ten years, I’ve been running the marketing department of Screaming Circuits, an online, personal manufacturing company. I joined the company when it was struggling to break from traditional old-world manufacturing.

Under my leadership as the senior marketing executive, Screaming Circuits has grown from a small niche player to an industry leader and trend setter – reinventing electronics manufacturing in North America. I’ve brought successful content marketing / social media marketing into the formerly stodgy manufacturing industry.

In addition to driving the marketing, I started and am the primary author of the Screaming Circuits blog since 2006 (about 700 posts and growing). I’m a contributing author to EE-Times and other United Business Media (UBM) online publications, and am a regular speaker at industry events.

While not using my unique style of brand and technology-based marketing at Screaming Circuits, I keep my mind sharp, and industry knowledge current through my electronic gadget operation: SteelPuppet.

Published articles in:

  • EE Times, including several EE Times Design Lines
  • EDN
  • Circuits Assembly
  • SMT
  • US Tech
  • Planet Analog
  • ECN
  • Product Design and Development

Had my own column on three different United Business Media sites:

  • Embedded.com Insights
  • Microcontroller Central
  • All Programmable Planet
  • Internet of Things World

Have given a variety of conference talks, classes and seminars at:

  • Embedded System conference
  • PCB West
  • Octoberbest (a local conference)
  • SMTA

Subjects of my speaking engagements:

  • Marketing for engineers
  • Prototyping traps
  • Layout and assembly challenges
  • Filed Programmable Gate Arrays (FPGA)
  • Embeded language (on a panel)
  • Embedded gadgets (on a panel)
  • Using high-density components
  • System architecture for a telepresence robot
  • Board design best practices