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SImblee Breakout Shield, Part 3

When we last heard from out intrepid Simblee Breakout Shield, it was found to be using and open drain linelevel converter without pull-up resistors, and that’s against the law. Or, at lease against good judgement. After a dual face palm, I found the TXB0108PWR chip, again from Texas Instruments. This one […]

Simblee Breakout Shield, Part 2

I stumbled, and made progress on my Simblee breakout shield. If you didn’t see the first installment, check it out first. Since the first post, I built up a non-shorted board. It seemed mostly okay, except that it gave me 3.9 volts on the 3 volt side, and the same […]

Simblee breakout shield

Simblee Breakout Shield – Almost

I got the blank PC boards in for my Simblee breakout board Arduino shield. They look nice, and I started to build one up. Fortunately, I thought to only partially build it up for test purposes. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a continuity test on the board before I started. It’s […]

Intel Edison

Welcome Edison

As I wrote earlier, I now have an Arduino 101 to play with.  I’ve also got an Intel Edison, which can run a small Linux distribution and act as an Arduino clone. It’s a lot more serious than the Curie or pretty much any other Arduino I happen to own, […]

Arduino 101

Arduino 101

I just received my brand new Arduino 101 – $30.00 even, plus $4.60 shipping from SparkFun – late last week. So far I’ve only had enough time to install it, and upload “blinky.” The board manager in the more recent version of the Arduino IDE makes installation pretty easy. Much […]

An Easy Breadboard Arduino, Part 3

This is part three of my breadboard Arduino-compatible series. Part 1, here, wired up the breadboard Part 2, here, programmed in the bootloader Next, I use an Adafruit FTDI Friend to connect the breadboard to a PC USB port so it’s ready to upload sketches. You can also use an […]

An Easy Breadboard Arduino, Part 2

If you read and followed my previous post on this subject, you have your breadboard Arduino-compatible ready to go. If you purchased an Atmega328P pre-programmed with the Arduino bootloader, you’re ready for the next step, which I haven’t yet published. If you used a blank Atmega328P, you’ll need to program […]

An Easy Breadboard Arduino, Part 1

A good part of the beauty of the Arduino is its simplicity. The software is pretty simple, and the hardware is simple. In fact, you can create your own with just a small handful of components. An Arduino breadboard kit: One solderless breadboard An Atmega328P microcontroller, pre-programmed with the Arduino […]

My Arduino Start

I had been working with non-Arduino microcontrollers for more than a decade before picking up an Arduino. Prior buying my first Arduino UNO, I dismissed the Arduino as a toy, or a beginners learning tool, and little else. I didn’t see it as powerful enough to be useful in any […]