Beagle Blues

I’ve been having a lot of fun with my Raspberry Pi boards lately, as I’ve described in a few of my prior posts. With that under my belt, I decided to get out my BeagleBone Black and put it to use.

Unfortunately, I did something terrible to it – or just made a simple undiscovered error. When I plugged it in, my PC recognized it as as drive, as it’s supposed to. However, after downloading and installing the latest version of the drivers, that situation changed. I can no longer see it as a drive, I can’t see it on wired Ethernet, and I can’t see it on WiFi. I get te same results when trying to boot natively, and with a micro SD the most recent Ubuntu distribution. Yyargh

Update – I got it working. I just flashed Ubuntu onto the BBB instead of boothing from the SD or the old eMMC image. I’m thinking about putting ROS on it now and see what I can do with it.