Simblee Breakout Shield – Almost

I got the blank PC boards in for my Simblee breakout board Arduino shield. They look nice, and I started to build one up. Fortunately, I thought to only partially build it up for test purposes. Unfortunately, I didn’t do a continuity test on the board before I started. It’s got a short between +5 volts and ground.

1-20160306_140029The other blank boards are fine, but I didn’t check this one before putting parts on. I’ve only got four components that sit on +5 and ground, and I’ve removed, tested, and replaced all of them. Chances are it’s the board, but I can’t say with 100% confidence.

I would throw some parts on another board, but my small-tipped soldering iron has eroded to the point where it’s not usable on such small parts anymore. I’ve got a spare tip. I just don’t know where it is at the moment.

So, what does this board do exactly?

It takes one of the Simblee Bluetooth boards and puts 3 volt to 5 volt line level converters on each pin so it can be used on a standard Arduino.


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