Final Pi Zero LiPoly mod

I solved the final issue with my LiPoly board. It was a minor one. The yellow LED is supposed to indicate whether the LiPoly battery is on or off. It was always on. In a Captain Obvious moment, I discovered that it was always on, because I told it to. I had connected both sides of the DPDT switch together. Why? I don’t know.

But, with a lifted pin, one cut trace, and a short mod wire, it’s all set.

I already have the next set of PC boards on the way, so they’ll still require this mod. It’ll be easier to deal with before there are parts on the board. I may not order any more boards, with this fixed. I’ll have plenty for my own uses, so unless I decide to sell it, there won’t be a need. I’m thinking about a Kickstarter for this though…


Poly want a… Poly want a… Poly want a Lithium?