Pi Zero In Hand

I own a decent variety of Raspberry Pi models. I’ve got an old B, a Pi 2, an A+, and my Zero came in the mail today. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to buy the $5.00 version, but had to buy it in a combo pack from Adafruit. I got the “Budget pack, product ID 2817”, for $29.95. See: It’s literally in hand:

Pi Zero in-handDon’t get me wrong. It’s a really handy set of accessories that’s included. It’s just that, in my case, I already have most of it. If you aren’t fully accessorized, buying a combo set like that is the way to go. If I need more later, I can just buy the $5.00 version (if it’s ever in stock).

These things go quickly. When the Zero first came out, Adafruit had the combo packs in stock, but they were out in a few days. Last week, they came back in stock (still no unbundled), but are already out just a few days later.

Pi with my LiPoly boardI’ve seen a number of people lament the limited usefulness, since it’s so connection poor. If your plan is to use it as a stand alone device, they have a point. You would likely be better served with one of the other models. But, that’s not my intention. I’m designing a set of same-size boards that will be the basis of specialized systems. The LiPoly battery charger / power pack shown on the right, is my first. I’ve got an I2C I/O board almost ready for fab, and I’ll follow that up with a motor control or two.

This might be a good way to look at it: The bigger Pi boards are better suited to use in software or OS training, or as stand-alone computers. The Zero is ideal for hardware design training.

Yeah, yeah. I know. Nobody cares about the Zero anymore because the Pi 3 just came out.


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